Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's a New Day!

Oh, my, it has been almost eight years to the day since I last posted!  SO much has happened in all that time!  But I am back...back to painting, teaching and writing,  eager to immerse myself once again in creative endeavors.  I just read my last post and it certainly brought back thoughts of the unpredictable world of art.  Be that as it may, my thrust is different now.  I have nothing to prove, no one to impress, no living to make ( though any extra income will help!) I will paint for the pure joy of it.  I will teach because I love to share what I have learned and know that I will learn more in return;  I will write because it gives me that same gnawing in my gut that drawing and painting do.  Looking forward... always looking forward. Please join me on this renewed journey!  Enter your email in the sidebar under my photo to be on the blog mailing list.

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