Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Homestead, Watercolor, with Progress Photos

The Homestead, Watercolor, 22 x 26, copyright 2009 Pat Aube Gray

I truly enjoyed painting this commissioned watercolor for one of my favorite collectors. (It was of particular interest because I was teaching a weekly class in linear perspective at the same time I was working on this.) This was her grandmother's antebellum home, located in Athens, GA, and my client has amazingly detailed memories of the house and playing there as a child. Sadly, the home burned to the ground in the recent past, but this painting will serve as a lasting reminder of family ancestors and a cherished childhood.


David Larson Evans said...

Very nice, the curved road reminds me of a Thomas Hart Benton painting.

Pat Aube Gray said...

Thanks, David. What a nice comment!