Saturday, March 29, 2008

At last! Pain-Free Painting!

I am so happy to report, after six months of physical therapy following surgery, that this week I was able to paint at my easel for several hours with no pain in my right arm and shoulder! I didn't have to lower my arm once due to pain! It has been many many years since that was the case. Hooray!

The painting at left is in progress. I hope to finish it within this next week and will post the finished product for you to see. It is from a photo I took while walking this path at the John C. Campbell Folk School in NC when I was teaching there.
I am trying out some new paint and so far I absolutely love it. It is made with walnut oil instead of linseed oil as the medium (binder), which does not yellow like linseed oil does. The paints are pigment rich and soft and creamy in consistency. If I continue to like them, I will order them for our store. Once I decide, I will also share the brand name with you.

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Art & Carol said...

Awesome news for you...pain free! Hallelujah!