Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Graphite Portraits (Almost Always) In Progress

I always seem to see drawing or painting parts that need revision when I am readying photos to upload to my blog or website. Below you will find photos of the three drawings (portrait commissions) I am currently working on. First you will see a new photo of Reilly, with very very minor, but necessary, changes to his right eye and his mouth. I will post the first photo next to it so that you can detect the changes I made. Next will be Monica, almost finished. When I looked at the photos in photoshop, I realized that Monica's upper lip on her right side has too hard a top edge; it definitely needs softening ans transitioning into the fleshy area above it. I also want to deepen the value of the inset on her shirt - it is too light and too close in value to the skin tone right above it. I will post this again once I have made those and any other revisions I determine are necessary.
The last drawing is of Clara, and as you can see it is still underway. Perhaps you can tell that the values are heightened or deepened in stages. Right now, her eyes look very dark and hard edged. I will be softening them but also adjusting other values which will make the eyes appear not quite so dark in comparison. This drawing is not complete in any area. It is a work in progress and I work back and forth into and out of areas of the face, adjusting one value in relationship to another.
These drawings are done in graphite on a Strathmore plate finish paper - one I have never used but wanted to try. The plate finish is much harder than the medium textured drawing paper I usually use, so I have to work harder at keeping pencil lines in tonal areas from "looking like lines."
Click on a photo to enlarge it. Please feel free to post comments or questions!

Reilly, Revised at left

As originally posted on 11/15/07 below

Monica, In Progress

Clara, In Progress


Lisa Gleim said...

This is great Pat! Are you still working on your lap or is this from the easel?

Barbie Bud said...

Hi, First time to your blog, I found you on a link from another artist's blog. I think you're very talented and I've enjoyed looking at your work. Also I wanted to say I'm so sorry to read about you losing your daughter, you must be heartbroken. I'm really sorry for your loss. Keep painting, I think it's good for the soul. Take care. Barb

expanded ptfe said...

nice sketch picture